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Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41 (5 Septiembre de 2012) - Avance

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Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41 Avance is awaited series in television screens, television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Mexican Argos Comunicación. The fans of Rosa Diamante, surely wondering, how the storyline will goes? To reduce the curiosity of fans of Rosa Diamante, Wacabalaka Blog invited to listen to a synopsis of Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41 Online, below.

Maybe synopsis Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41 Avances in Wacabalaka Blog, can not satisfy you, but at least, an outline of Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41, can know. Do not forget to watch on television screens.

Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41 Telenovela transmitted live on 5 Septiembre de 2012, on Telemundo. Have you seen the previous chapter? If not yet, I suggest seeing it first so you are not confused to follow the rest of the story. You do not have to worry any missed a chapter of this telenovela, because I will always present to you Cachito de Cielo per each chapter. Enjoy this interesting story with the peoples that you love.

Rosa Diamante : It tells the story of Rosa, a beautiful young girl who grows destination for traps in a prestigious boarding school. Who is the fate of Jose Ignacio Altamirano meets a young womanizer, attractive and intelligent, who knows through a tragic and unpleasant event. Rosa, is involved in a car accident he was traveling with her best friend, who grew up in boarding school and who dies tragically. Rosa, destroyed by the death of his best friend, decides to impersonate it to avoid some situations that happen she would not want to occur and in turn, decides to take revenge on the man she thinks was the cause of the death of his friend , without imagining that it would end up falling in love. In the midst of hatred, intrigue and tragedy love grows between them and some would fight to oppose this feeling. The main antagonist of the story is the famous and experienced soap opera actress Lupita Ferrer, whose participation in "Pink Diamond" marks his return not only to soap operas and Telemundo, but also to Mexico, which is highly recognized and admired and at the who has worked on countless occasions. Lupita play the role of Rosaura Sotomayor, resentful and arrogant woman, able to lie and pretend without pity or blame, for the sole purpose of manipulating all those around and achieve their goals.. Rosa Diamante Capitulo 41

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