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Amor Bravío Capitulo 138 (12 Septiembre de 2012) - Avance

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Amor Bravío Avance is awaited series in television screens, Televisa. The fans of Amor Bravío, surely wondering, how the storyline will goes? To reduce the curiosity of fans of Amor Bravío, Wacabalaka Blog invited to listen to a synopsis of Amor Bravío Capitulo 138 Online, below.

Amor Bravío Capitulo 138 Telenovela transmitted live on 12 Septiembre de 2012, on Telemundo. Have you seen the previous chapter? If not yet, I suggest seeing it first so you are not confused to follow the rest of the story. You do not have to worry any missed a chapter of this telenovela, because I will always present to you Amor Bravío per each chapter. Enjoy this interesting story with the peoples that you love.

Amor Bravío: Love and greed have always been enemies, so in this story, as in life itself result in a war love brave. Camila is committed to a veterinarian after suffering the death of her fiancé, decides to go to work the ranch fighting bulls of his uncle Don Daniel. There he meets Alonso, the ranch manager and marries him. Don Daniel discovers he has an illegitimate child in Chile, Daniel, which inherits all the land.

When Daniel came to Mexico ambush him and ends up in jail. Escapes and begins working at the ranch pretending to be Andrew where he meets Camilla who falls in love. Ver Amor Bravío Capitulo 138

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