miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

El Rostro De La Venganza Capitulo 23 (29 Agosto de 2012) - Avance

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El Rostro De La Venganza Capitulo 23 Avance. On 29 Agosto de 2012, Ver El Rostro De La Venganza Capitulo 23 will be broadcast on televisa. The videos are linked immediately after the live broadcast and are high quality, enjoys your favorite novels and all novel here. I hope you enjoy all of Completos El Rostro De La Venganza and don't forget to come back again to follow the next episode because each episode has a story interesting and suspenseful.

Rostro De La Venganza : This new novel is telemunda Merchant Diego Carrasco 30 years of age after spending most of his life paying for a crime he did not remember committing, is released and start a new life and be someone else decides well protected from their past. To achieve this with the help of his psychiatrist Antonia Villarroel copnvierte that later in the love of his life and Ezequiel Alvarado, who later becomes his benefactor and father figure, Diego gets a second chance, now is known as Martin Mendez. El Rostro De La Venganza Capitulo 23 Telenovela

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